Agriculture & Agro Inputs
Agriculture and Agro Inputs

Project Examples

India entry study for an agricultural equipment manufacturer

A major agricultural equipment manufacturer wanted to enter the Indian market and required an overview of the agricultural machinery market in the country. ValueNotes carried out in-depth desk research and attended agricultural machinery exhibitions to establish the new players and their offerings.

Market study on vegetable seeds in India

Our client wanted to understand the market for specified vegetable seeds in 17 Indian states. Over 700 interviews across the country with dealers & distributors, industry experts, academics and researchers; helped analyze market by type of seed & geography, value chain, pricing and distribution; and trends towards high-yield seed varieties.

Market study on lighting needs in Indian horticulture & floriculture

An assessment of the lighting needs of the Indian horticulture and floriculture sectors - focused on greenhouses, tissue culture and indoor facilities . Via extensive interviews with growers, breeders & industry experts, we analyzed the value chain; estimated market size by type of lighting solution (incandescent, LEDs, luminaries, etc); by area, geography & crop type.

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