25 Sep 15 Whose Brand perception? – Users versus Non-Users

Brand perception is important because having a strong brand helps open many more doors for a company – with current and potential customers, financiers, potential partners and employees, among others.

So when you want to understand how your brand is perceived in the market, it is important that you reach out to all the stakeholders. Within your customer community in particular, you need to talk to both, your current customers as well as non-customers. The customers help you understand why they bought you and whether they are likely to buy you again. The non-customers help you understand why they rejected you (and bought some other brand instead) and whether they are likely to buy you in the future.

What does it mean when the users rate your brand higher than your non-users?

It means you are on the right track in terms of the quality of products and services you deliver, but you may not be talking about it enough. In other words, your marketing needs to be beefed up, so that your visibility improves and even those who have not used your products or services start thinking highly of you.

What does it mean when your non-users rate your brand higher than your users?

It means that your product has a lot of visibility in the market and people think highly of you, but you are not able to deliver on the expectations of your customers. Complacency has probably set in as you are easily able to sell your products. If you don’t pull up your socks on delivering value to your customers, you will erode your brand value over time.

ValueNotes BrandMeter – B2B Customer and Trade Perception

ValueNotes recently conducted an in-depth study on brand perception (ValueNotes BrandMeter*) of industrial compressors of various types – reciprocating and screw, across 8 end-use industries (including auto, cement, chemical, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, power, steel and textiles).

Our findings on perceptions of users and non-users of various brands were very revealing. Some of established brands were ranked much lower by the users as compared to non-users, and some relatively new brands that were not very well known were rated very highly by the users.

This is extremely valuable actionable intelligence for all compressor brands. It tells them what they need to focus on in order to improve and sustain their brand strength.

For more information on ValueNotes BrandMeter – Industrial Compressors, please contact research@valuenotes.co.in.

Varsha Chitale

Varsha led the competitive intelligence practice at ValueNotes. As part of her drive to educate India Inc. on the merits of competitive intelligence, she often conducted webinars and seminars on CI for senior executives of Indian companies.

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