14 Dec 11 SCIP India (Mumbai) Chapter – Competitive intelligence community in India

Energy Conservation ConceptCompetitive intelligence (CI) is a relatively new discipline in India. That is certainly not to say that companies in India are not familiar with CI.  All companies need to do CI and do so in some form or other – formally or informally. They cannot survive without it.

The practice of competitive intelligence has evolved along with the business environment all over the world.  Sources of risks uncertainties in the external environment are arguably at a record high at present. These include geopolitical risks, financial risks, economic risks, technology risks, environmental risks, etc. Further, globalization and the level of competition in most industries has increased over the years.

Competitive intelligence has therefore become more critical for businesses. It has also evolved into a discipline. If companies are to do extensive CI on a sustained basis, they need robust frameworks and ethical standards for doing so. Random and haphazard methodologies for obtaining competitive information “by hook or by crook” cannot be used any more.

In its evolution as a discipline, India is a latecomer in CI. While CI has been practiced, studied and discussed in some of the developed countries for around 30 years, in India it has gained attention only in the last couple of years.

There is need to spread awareness of its benefits for organizations, share experiences & learning and proliferate the latest tools and techniques for CI. This can be done most effectively by creating a community of CI practitioners and users and offering them opportunities to interact with each other and learn.

The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is a global non-profit membership organization for everyone involved in creating and managing business knowledge.  The India Chapter of SCIP aims to provide a forum for the CI community in India. In addition to generic CI concepts, the CI community in India will get a chance to discuss and share issues that are specifically relevant in the Indian business context.

The first meeting of the Chapter will be held in Mumbai on 20th December. It is open to all practitioners and users of competitive and market intelligence, as well as others interested in the subject.

Look forward to meeting all of you there….

Varsha Chitale

Varsha led the competitive intelligence practice at ValueNotes. As part of her drive to educate India Inc. on the merits of competitive intelligence, she often conducted webinars and seminars on CI for senior executives of Indian companies.


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