In an increasingly seamless global business environment, strategic planning in organisations has in recent years become strongly oriented towards gaining deep insights on their competitive ecosystem. The need for actionable competitive intelligence (CI) in India is more acute now than ever before.


Organisations are grappling with issues such as –

– How do we recognise the competitive intelligence needs of our organisation?

– How do we set up a CI function and institutionalise it within the organisation?

– How do we reduce the information overload?

– How do we make the information available with us actionable?

– How do we maximise the value derived from the CI efforts of the company?

– How do we integrate competitive intelligence with strategy formulation?

And many more…


ValueNotes has a decade of experience in conducting competitive intelligence and advising companies on their CI strategies for meeting specific objectives. We assist companies in India in implementing competitive intelligence frameworks to gain strategic advantage.


CI-NeedsAssessment Help organisations to identify the key intelligence topics  that are relevant for meeting your stated business objectives.


CI-AuditsAudit the existing CI process  and framework in the organisation and recommend the steps that need to be taken in order to get to the desirable state of CI readiness.


CI-frameworksWork with you to design a framework  that translates the identified CI needs into actionable intelligence, and ultimately the individual data points required for fulfilling the needs.


CompetitiveStrategyWorkshopsFacilitate competitive strategy formulation in your organization through customized workshops


ValueNotes is your partner in CI-enabling your organisation.


The CI process cycle

CIprocess_smallThe CI process cycle must start with the business needs of the user. ValueNotes CI team works with you to fulfill your needs. We translate your business needs into CI needs, and create a plan for meeting the needs… Read more



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