Competitive strategy formulation requires deep industry insights and a mature macro perspective on the business environment. Competitive intelligence is an integral part of competitive strategy formulation. It provides the primary building blocks on which competitive strategies are built.


Competitive strategies based on knowledge and insights of employees at all levels and all functions within the organization are superior to those based on the insights of individual decision-makers.

– Is your competitive strategy based on strong CI building blocks?

– Do your decision-makers collaborate and brainstorm for developing strategies?

– Does your organization invest adequate time in strategy formulation?

– Is there healthy knowledge sharing within the organization?

– Is your competitive strategy based on futuristic thinking?

– Is there a consensus on the adopted strategy within the organization?


Workshops are effective tools for developing competitive strategies, because they –

– Provide time-efficient means for collaboration between multiple people

– Facilitate thinking “outside the box”

– Facilitate consensus building

– Facilitate in-depth analysis


You need a knowledgeable and experienced facilitator who will structure the workshops appropriately and conduct them efficiently so that the business objectives are met.


What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing – Aristotle


ValueNotes offers a variety of customized competitive strategy workshops.

  • Needs assessment

CI forms the building blocks for strategy. It must seek the right answers that will help the organization to “win”. Needs assessment is a critical first step for building a competitive intelligence framework for an organization.

  • War games

An effective tool to anticipate competitors’ moves and develop a winning strategy in a competitive environment.

  • Scenario planning

A tool for making flexible long-term plans based on analysis of possible and plausible future scenarios.


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