May 2012:


  • Competitive intelligence is a critical input for decision making in a global, competitive and rapidly changing business environment in which companies operate today.


  • Asking the right questions about the external business environment is the first step towards getting actionable competitive intelligence.


  • Determining the right questions is not trivial, as each individual’s perspective on the competitive environment is governed their role, past experience, level of knowledge, personal biases, predisposition, and so on.


  • Organizations need to undertake a systematic exercise to identify the key intelligence they need in order to ensure that
    – they are able to achieve their strategic goals
    – they are able to take advantage of emerging opportunities, and mitigate
    risks and threats
    – they are not taken by “surprise” by developments in their external environment
    – they are able to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the
    industry vis-à-vis their competitors


  • Defining the key intelligence needs of an organization is best done collaboratively by the key decision-makers and competitive intelligence professionals


  • A careful needs assessment enables an organization to
    – maximize the ROI on its CI
    – meet its business objectives

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