Are you running a competitive intelligence operation? You can draw on ValueNotes experience to identify areas of improvement and incorporate global best practices to increase the return on investment in competitive intelligence.


Does your competitive intelligence process –

– Accurately understand and address the needs of your internal customers?

– Derive deep actionable insights that decision makers use?

– Find reliable information efficiently?

– Leverage internal information and expertise within the organization?

– Have redundancies in data collection and reporting?

– Communicate effectively with the decision makers?

– Measure its performance on a regular basis?


Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.


ValueNotes competitive intelligence audit will help you pinpoint areas of improvement in the CI workflow to improve quality and reduce the total cost of competitive intelligence to the organization.

– Examine and “measure” the current processes

– Draw on industry best practices to customize and recommend process improvements

– Hand hold the CI team through the new processes to ensure internalization

– Regularly measure improvements in the process


The competitive intelligence machinery


CImachinery_smallCompetitive intelligence can be maximized by bringing in continuous improvement in the machinery and process that delivers it.


CI teams don’t operate in isolation. They rely on… Read more



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