Competitive Intelligence (CI) plays a critical role in formulating an organisation’s business strategy. It can make the difference between winning and losing. However, CI can only live up to this expectation, if it addresses the right questions.


Are you asking the right questions?

– Does your CI help you uncover untapped opportunities and mitigate risks?

– Do the CI inputs you get really help you in your decision making? Or are they missing the point?

– Do you worry about getting nasty surprises from places you are not watching?


Wrong Question + Right Answer = Wrong answer


ValueNotes needs assessment framework helps you ask the right questions by identifying Key Intelligence topics (KITs) and developing Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) for your business.


Benefits of Needs Identification

  • Key decision makers get actionable intelligence that is relevant to the decisions they need to make and areas they need to monitor
  • Company can eliminate any redundant data collection & reporting, thus increasing the return on investment in CI
  • CI addresses all the key risks faced by the company, thus reducing the chances of being caught by “surprise”
  • CI enables proactive as against reactive decision making


What are KITs and KIQs?

KITs-KIQs_smallKey intelligence topics (KITs) are aspects of your environment that are of greatest relevance to your organisation for meeting its business objectives.

KITs are of three types… Read more



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