Key intelligence topics (KITs) are aspects of your environment that are of greatest relevance to your organisation for meeting its business objectives.


KITs are of three types:

  • Early warning – On opportunities and threats

Am I looking ahead?

  • Strategic – Intelligence related to specific planned strategies of the company

Am I flying blind?

Where do I stand? Compared to what?


If you want CI to accelerate your business objectives, KITs must be correctly identified … CI failures arise from lack of rigor in defining the scope…


What are KIQs?


You may already have some information on your KITs. You need to address the gaps. Key intelligence questions are research questions that will help you fill the gaps.


KITs-KIQsWhere do you stand?

– What are the answers I don’t have?

– What questions will give me those answers?


ValueNotes helps companies identify their KITs and KIQs and conducts workshops  for needs assessment.


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