April 2012:
      Profiling is a key tool that enables organizations to undertake competitor analysis. They:
  • Cut out the “noise” and provide relevant insight into the hearts (resources, capabilities and cultures) and minds (objectives, strategies and assumptions) of an organization’s competitors


  • Enable an organization to flag off areas that need attention and further investigation


  • Competitor intelligence needs of different functional units vary. In order to avoid information overload to users of the profiles from different functional units, their individual needs must be recognized. Further, an understanding of key pain points of each internal client group is essential for customizing analysis and presentation to requirements.


  • To derive maximum value from competitor profiles, competitive intelligence (CI) professionals need to master the art of packaging for different customer groups. The old ‘everything for everybody’ adage needs to be re-looked at, to instead deliver ‘just the right thing for each person’, making CI dissemination more meaningful.


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