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India’s position in the latest World Bank ranking of Ease of Doing Business has shown a marginal improvement – at 130 out of 189 countries, up four spots from the previous year. While starting a business in the country has become easier with the elimination of the minimum capital deposit requirement by entrepreneurs, the question is what should we make in India? Arun Jethmalani tells us if we have to successfully make in India, we need to focus on industries that play to our strengths – not on those where we are at a competitive disadvantage. (As an aside, Arun was invited to conduct a workshop on market sizing & segmentation at the SCIP European Summit in Madrid earlier this week.)

There is no doubt that India has already created a large number of leading companies, some of which are now ready for the global stage. Kajli Bakhshi updates us on a project that ValueNotes is currently working on – India Emerging Twenty led by London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s inward investment company. The award will identify and showcase India’s top-20 high-growth companies with global aspirations.

By 2016, India is expected to be the third largest automotive market in the world. Globally, safety is one of the top-3 parameters considered by buyers while purchasing cars. India, however, still lacks stringent regulations related to basic safety features in vehicles. While the government is working towards tackling this, Rohan Shevate tells us why the actual implementation still seems far away.

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What should we make in India?
by Arun Jethmalani
Brand perception Make in India – the phrase has as many meanings as people using the phrase. The bigger question is what should we make? And equally important – what should we not make in India? Historically, thanks to socialist ideals and the idea of self sufficiency in everything, we made everything – or everything we could. This is outdated in an era of increasing cross-border trade facilitated by low duties and trade treaties.
Car prices to rise due to upcoming 2017 safety norms
by Rohan Shevate
ValueNotes BrandMeter Globally, safety is one of the top three parameters considered by buyers while purchasing cars. In India, we still lack stringent regulations related to basic use of safety features in vehicles. The government is working towards covering this important aspect but the actual implementation still seems far away. India accounts for ~15% of global traffic deaths, though it has only 1% of the world’s cars. These statistics depict the necessity for safety features in passenger cars.
Why do companies participate in corporate awards?
by Kajli Bakhshi
ValueNotes BrandMeter To win’ may seem the most expected answer, but there are many other reasons that merit participation. Winning an award is a tremendous motivator for teams at all levels of the organization – from the founding team, to investors, and to all the employees. Visibility, recognition, pride and satisfaction are just some of the things that are part of the winners’ gift hamper
Press releases

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Commissioned research
Some client problems we have solved:
  • Industry preparedness study for evaporative emission norms (BS-V) for two-wheelers in India
  • Opportunity assessment study for engineered plastics in curing bladders
  • India entry strategy for an electrical contactors manufacturer
  • Market size for automotive HVAC systems and climate control panels
  • Ongoing tracking and analysis of lead indicators and market signals
  • Manufacturing footprint and cost structure of competitors
  • India entry study for an agricultural equipment manufacturer

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