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Meticulous plans are insufficient to sustain a corporation’s success; keeping a watchful eye on competitors and the business environment are indeed more crucial. More so in a country like India – where consumers are unique, and the market is unorganised, fragmented, and under-documented. Carrefour shut down its India business in 2014, and General Motors will stop selling its cars in the country by the end of this year. The ostensible reason: India operations were not profitable.


Or were these firms unable to read the markets as well as their peers?


Multinationals firms are keen to do business in the country. In the past few months, we’ve seen a surge in the number of searches on competitor and market intelligence on our website. Which is what prompted us to devote this issue to some of the most popular content the subject.

Five debates about competitive intelligence that will never be resolved – should CI be strategic or tactical? …one of the most enduring debates in the CI profession.

Disruption is not only about technology – Is it possible to disrupt an industry without a technology advantage? Well, India’s Patanjali might well fit the bill.

The value of competitive intelligence – it provides an early warning system for companies (akin to an insurance product), that protects them from nasty surprises.

The distribution advantage in Indian markets – while brand, patents, and such like, corner much attention – in a market like India, distribution is one of the most critical competitive advantages (or barriers).








Some of our popular case studies and webinars
Case studies –

– Our research on India’s hospitals helped identify high-growth niche segments and provided strategic inputs to help the client’s go-to-market strategy


Early warning signals provided by ValueNotes helps client maintain their dominant position


– ValueNotes helps an international asset manager save US$ 50m


– Competitive benchmarking helps an FMCG firm streamline their go-to-market strategy


Webinars –

Navigating India’s complex market using actionable intelligence: With a challenging regulatory regime, huge cultural differences within a large geography, poor levels of documentation, doing business in India can be daunting.


Competitive Intelligence: Are you seeking the right answers?: Understand the importance of ‘needs assessment’ in achieving CI goals, determine how an organisation can assess its CI needs to address all key risks, to avoid being caught by surprise, and evaluate existing CI frameworks to see if all the key needs are being addressed.



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