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India is urbanising at a rapid rate. The country is currently home to ~400 million urban dwellers; an additional 300 million will be added by 2050. No surprises, then, why India’s urban housing shortage (currently pegged at 19 million) is projected to be north of 40 million by 2022. Yet, real estate developers have plenty of unsold inventory. This demand-supply gap is primarily due to the gigantic shortage of affordable housing i.e. properties in the Rs. 20-50 lakh price segment. So what is the Indian government doing to spur growth in the affordable housing segment, and how is this likely to help real estate developers and players in the building materials sector?
With a growing middle class, increased spending power and rising aspirations, consumer products of all kinds are likely to see growth that is higher than that of GDP. This trend has been in evidence for more than a decade, and will continue, if not accelerate. Coupled with this is the fact that India is rapidly urbanizing. While many look at this merely from the prism of share of urban population, the reality is that rural areas are becoming more and more urban. Nowhere is this more evident in how they house themselves. Every Indian would like to have a “pucca” house, one which keeps the rain out and provides both safety and privacy. What does this mean in terms of opportunity?
Do have a look at our infographic on the “Housing for all by 2022” scheme – and what it means for building & construction companies. And lastly, read about how ValueNotes helped a Spanish roof tiles manufacturer explore opportunities in India.
ValueNotes has been invited to conduct a workshop on market sizing & segmentation at the SCIP European Summit in Prague next month
Case study
How ValueNotes helped a Spanish roof tiles manufacturer explore opportunities in India

A leading Spanish manufacturer of clay roof tiles had heard of the rising opportunities in India. In order to explore the opportunity further, they wanted to

– get a detailed understanding of the roof tiles market in India, and

– identify potential & premium distributors interested in partnering with them

There was virtually no information on the roof tiles market in the country through secondary sources. Being a highly fragmented industry, with a large number of local firms dispersed across the country, creating an exhaustive list of manufacturers, distributors and dealers of roof tiles was a big challenge.

Find out how our research enabled the client make informed decisions on their India strategy


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