ValueNotes helps a Spanish roof tiles manufacturer explore opportunities in India


A leading Spanish manufacturer of clay roof tiles had heard of the rising opportunities in India through interactions with Indian companies in the building materials industry at trade exhibitions. In order to explore the opportunity further, they wanted to get a detailed understanding of the roof tiles market in India and identify potential and premium distributors interested in partnering with them. They found virtually no information on the roof tiles market in the country through secondary sources.


ValueNotes takes a systematic approach to provide actionable insights based on intensive primary research


The roof tiles industry in India is highly fragmented, with a large number of small, local firms dispersed across the country. Most of them manufacture clay roof tiles, do not have a presence on the Internet and are therefore hard to locate. Creating an exhaustive list of manufacturers, distributors and dealers of roof tiles was therefore a big challenge.


ValueNotes reached out to over 100 respondents across the country including manufacturers, dealers, builders, architects and industry experts to piece together a picture of the ecosystem. Our analysts gained an understanding of the basic industry and market structure, rough market size estimates for normal and glazed roof tiles, the distribution value chain, estimated market potential and growth, drivers and inhibitors of growth, key competitors and distributors, their product portfolio, and price trends.


In order to shortlist potential partners for our client, we used our proprietary partner selection model based on key selection parameters such as location, geographic reach, product portfolio, turnover and ability to scale up, and level of interest in partnering with our client. Our research threw up nine dealers/distributors and six manufacturers who were best suited as potential partners.


ValueNotes research enabled the client to make informed decisions on their India strategy


ValueNotes provided the client with an industry overview and highlighted the opportunities as well as the challenges they could face in doing business in India. We also facilitated meetings for the client with the most suitable potential partners.

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