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NPS Analysis – Only getting a score is not sufficient
I recently received a request from one of our vendors to spare time for a feedback call. I gladly agreed, partly due to my own interest in such studies, and also as appreciation for their good work. Unfortunately, the questions weren’t thought through, and my interviewer did not probe when I indicated dissatisfaction on a couple of issues. I gave him the feedback anyway, and then it was my turn to ask, “On a scale of ten, how do you rate your NPS process?”
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Competitive intelligence needs-assessment: Asking the right question
A white paper to demonstrate why asking the right questions about the external business environment is the first step towards getting actionable competitive intelligence.
Do you measure customer loyalty?
Customer is King – the raison d’être of every business. It is therefore imperative for all businesses to listen to their customers. Customer loyalty in particular is of immense value to any company. High customer loyalty indicates that your company is doing a key part of its job right. It also means that you have to try less hard to increase sales. Your overall customer acquisition cost goes down. So it is surprising that most companies don’t specifically measure customers’ loyalty.
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Case study
Voice of Customer enables Fortune 100 company tap $80 million opportunity

A multi-product engineering company, with a large product portfolio for the hospitals sector, wanted to develop a strategy that would help them penetrate India’s growing hospital sector.

The company was unclear on how large their market was, and how best they should approach their customers – a problem that was worsened by the unorganized and fragmented hospital sector. Moreover, they didn’t have a good understanding of the hospitals’ needs and purchasing behaviour.

ValueNotes designed a unique solution built on Voice of Customer, combined with competitor and market intelligence. We gathered customer intelligence on over 60 product categories through in-depth face-to-face & telephonic interviews with >650 decision-makers in over 100 hospitals.

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