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Who is your competitor? An easy one to answer when you had companies selling similar products or services who were clearly your competition. Today, in the age of technological disruption, the situation has changed significantly… your competitor could be your customer. And it’s quite likely that even a new market player can be a threat to your business in the future. After all, David and Goliath will always exist…


Which makes it all the more crucial to track your competition. True competitive intelligence (CI) is far more valuable to an organization than confirmatory intelligence, as it can lead to superior decisions. Decision-making done on the basis of personal experience and gut feel perhaps worked in a relatively stable external environment. With rapidly changing technologies, lifestyles, economics, politics, etc., it is dangerous to do CI merely as a formality.


Case Study
CI helps a firm evaluate a multimillion-dollar risk to its market share


Our client needed intelligence on management strategies & a possible brown-field project being planned by a key competitor. They had reason to believe that its competitor planned to enter a new product segment by merging with an international supplier. Since similar competitor activities had dented their market share in another geography, they wanted to be proactive in India.


Our robust research design integrated seemingly random pieces of information into valuable insights.


Find out how our insights helped the client mitigate the risk


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