A leading MNC needed CI on the expansion strategy of a key competitor


Our client needed intelligence on management strategies and a possible brown-field project being planned by a key competitor. The client had reason to believe that its competitor planned to enter a new product segment by merging with an international supplier. Since similar competitor activities had dented the client’s market share in another geography, they wanted to be proactive in India. However, dearth of information on the public domain limited our client’s ability to stay ahead of the competition.


ValueNotes used extensive primary research, information mining and validation techniques to provide actionable intelligence


Our robust research design integrated seemingly random pieces of information into strong and valuable insights. Given the lack of information from secondary sources, ValueNotes conducted systematic and thorough primary research to investigate and substantiate vital activities and strategies of the competitor. We conducted across-the-board interviews with different types of respondents like competitor’s management, clients, employees, government regulatory bodies, industry experts and vendors across the value chain.


We identified critical strategies and potential future expansion plans of the competitor by mapping the pieces of primary data using our proprietary analysis framework. We validated the information at every stage to offer reliable CI knowledge to the client.


ValueNotes helped the client take proactive action to mitigate risk


The client was worried about losing up to $20 million worth market share to the competitor. We helped the client evaluate this risk and prepare for it appropriately by providing critical competitive intelligence on the competitor’s strategies and future plans.

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