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Whether or not electric vehicles will dominate our roads by 2040, time will tell. Things are developing rapidly in the EV market. Car manufacturers and peripheral suppliers are already paying heed to the inevitable disruption. If the demand for fossil fuels declines due to electric cars, what will be the future of oil exploration and oil marketing companies?.


Amidst the media frenzy around the Nirav Modi / PNB scam, everybody seems to be blaming somebody else. However, the problem is systemic and has much to do with government ownership and the resultant cronyism. Read our blog on why publicization, and not privatization, is the solution for India’s public sector.


Do read about how we helped an international automobile components manufacturer understand the buying behaviour of end-users and dealers, with a special emphasis on ABS and airbags.



Case Study
Purchasing criteria of ABS & airbags in Tier I & II cities in India – Survey of end-users & dealers


A leading international automobile components manufacturer wanted to understand the Indian consumer’s buying behaviour, with a special emphasis on ABS and airbags

– How important were these features while buying a new car?

– Were consumers willing to pay a premium for a car with these features?


ValueNotes conducted face-to-face interviews with >2000 end-users and >500 personnel in auto OEM dealerships across the country.


Find out how our research helped the client effectively market their products to auto OEMs


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