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Many investors are aware that the Indian stock markets are too high and cannot sustain these levels unless earnings catch up. An alternative indicator to judge whether the overall index is over- or under-valued is Warren Buffet’s market capitalization to GDP ratio. Historic data in India indicates that if the ratio is below 60%, the markets are under-valued; while at 100% levels, we are close to the peak. While past trends cannot always be relied on, the data suggests a high probability that the markets will fall…


When it comes to market research, many a time we choose to ignore the shifts in the marketplace. They are so conspicuous that we take them for granted, and rarely consider their impact. Could Kodak executives have been forewarned that digital would replace film? One doesn’t have to be a star market research analyst to do that; it’s just a matter of observation… just like Sherlock Holmes – The simple case of “why didn’t the dog bark?”


Do read about how ValueNotes’ early warning signals helped a specialty chemical manufacturer maintain their dominant position in the market.








Case Study
ValueNotes provides early warning signals by independently confirming market rumours


A multinational speciality chemicals manufacturer, with major operations in India, wanted to confirm rumours on the activity of one of their main competitors in the country. The competitor was said to have developed a particular speciality chemical and was planning to start commercial production of the same.


Our client was one of the few companies in the world capable of manufacturing this particular chemical. Independent confirmation of the rumour was of immense strategic value. If the rumours were true, our client could lose their dominant position for the product in India.


Find out how our insights helped the client maintain their dominant position in the market


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