• Competitive intelligence for effective decision-making 18th November 2010 – CI is a must-have practice for any organisation, and works best when done on a regular basis – ‘On-time’ information is a very important criterion for an effective CI practice – Without a buy-in from the management, CI will remain just ... Read more
  • 5th wave of Investment Confidence Index 18th October 2010 5th wave of Investment Confidence Index by J.P. Morgan Asset Management in association with ValueNotes – Retail investor confidence continues to be highest among all categories for the third consecutive quarter – Overall confidence highest among Chennai investors and IFAs – Delhi is ... Read more
  • Competitive intelligence for strategic advantage 18th August 2010 – In corporate India, gathering competitive intelligence (CI) is not yet a prerogative – The real challenge is to inculcate an end-to-end perspective in an organisation’s CI team – Going forward, the need for CI is set to grow, given the increasing ... Read more
  • Wave 4 of Investment Confidence Index 19th July 2010 4th wave of Investment Confidence Index – by J.P. Morgan Asset Management in association with ValueNotes – Greater China seen as the most attractive international investment destination – Ahmedabad investors top confidence – Ahmedabad and Delhi very bullish about Sensex movement   To download the ... Read more
  • 3rd wave of Investment Confidence Index 19th April 2010 3rd wave of Investment Confidence Index – by J.P. Morgan Asset Management in association with ValueNotes – Mumbai investors expect Sensex to trade between 20,000 and 21,000 in June 2010 – Chennai’s confidence grows, its reputation unblemished   To download the presentation, please click ... Read more
  • ValueNotes & Venture Valuation to provide valuation services in India 19th April 2010 Pune, India – 20 April 2010: ValueNotes has partnered with Venture Valuation, a firm based in Switzerland, to provide valuation services on high growth Indian companies across sectors. The partnership will address the valuation needs of private equity and venture ... Read more
  • Online exams are here to stay 10th March 2010 – Examinations and the Role of Technology: Emerging Directions”, an initiative by MeritTrac, a research report published by EDGE-ValueNotes, gives a big thumbs up for technology in exams from both students and universities – Comprehensive survey covering over 75 university VCs/Registrars/Controllers ... Read more
  • STM publishers far from satisfied 11th February 2010 – According to the survey, publishers’ satisfaction levels have still not peaked in the STM/Academic segment despite the fact that the segment has been outsourcing for the last two decades – Publishers indicated that a saving of 15-25% through outsourcing was ... Read more
  • ValueNotes launches its proprietary vendor rating methodology for the LPO industry 11th January 2010 – ValueNotes has analyzed and rated 40 service providers in the LPO segment using the ValueNotes Sourcing Prism – CPA Global, Integreon and Pangea3, amongst the industry ‘Pacesetters’, are defining the highest standards in the industry – Companies grouped under ‘Contenders’ have ... Read more
  • Negative short term impact on legal process outsourcing 15th November 2009 – Revenues from the legal process outsourcing industry were US$320 million for 2008; expected to reach $440 million by end 2010 – In 2005, there were around 40 service providers in the Indian legal services offshoring segment; the number grew to ... Read more
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