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    Identification of target companies in India & Zimbabwe for an accounting accreditation program
    The client, offering an accounting accreditation program, wanted to determine the business opportunities available in companies in India and Zimbabwe. We identified large multinational and domestic companies that had an accounting department in the country. Detailed profiles were created for each company - hierarchical structure, operations, revenues, projected growth, and size of the accounting department.
    Global universities offering accounting programs or accounting certifications
    The client required high level information on business programmes offered by over 5000 global universities. Our research provided a global perspective of the universities with a focus on the accounting programs that could have students in accounting certification
    Database of biotech & pharma firms in California
    The project, based exclusively on secondary research, involved creating a list of biotech and pharma companies based in California, along with their capabilities. The focus was on firms with capabilities related to translation research (pharmacokinetics, quantitative modelling, pharmacodynamics), diagnostics (for patient selection/ stratification), medical devices, and mobile health (health apps, wearables for health/wellness tracking).
    Growth opportunities in the SMB IT business market in Europe
    A printer company wanted a quick turn-around research to determine the IT spend of small to medium sized (SMB) firms in Europe. Comprehensive search strings enabled us to gather relevant information from local language online sources. The information was then translated into English using Google translator. Our research highlighted the IT spend of SMB firms in Europe, a break-down by country & business vertical, and factors influencing the IT buying process.
    Financial update and analysis of global online travel companies
    A consulting firm, based in the US, wanted to determine the intrinsic value of companies in the global online travel industry. An in-depth financial and product analysis of each company was carried out to evaluate them. A comparable financial model was created to help analyse the company figures.
    Thought leadership report on India’s emerging global companies
    The client wanted to engage with Indian companies that were likely to expand globally with the objective of attracting investments into London. They wanted to publish a top-20 list of emerging firms in the Indian knowledge sector. ValueNotes invited 3000 companies to participate in the program. Using a robust rating model, 50 finalists were selected out of 200 nominations. A jury panel evaluated the short listed firms on their performance track record, growth, and global scalability.
    News monitoring & competitor intelligence on the global carotenoids market
    A leading manufacturer of carotenoids anticipated a potential threat to their market share and profitability given the increasing competition. They thus wanted to track the global carotenoids industry and the competitive environment. We created an automated news tracker which served as a repository of all news available - such as new product launches, JVs & mergers, regulations, manufacturing, supply chain, and marketing initiatives.
    Market assessment of consumer health services & technologies in SE Asia
    The focus of the study was to understand the consumer health services & technology market in South East Asia. In-depth interviews with consumer healthcare companies offering OTC medication, nutritional, patient care and personal care provided insights into their strategic growth priorities, adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as social media, and their preferred technology service providers.
    Feasibility study for developing an e-commerce platform for home-chefs
    A technology firm wanted to test the feasibility of developing an online portal to connect home-chefs with customers. Our report provided an estimate of the size of the restaurant business in the city under study and the key competitors. Over 100 home-chefs, offering a variety of cuisines, were selected based on criteria such as hygiene standards and their willingness to accept and fulfil online orders.
    Market study on the import process of textile machinery in India for an international consulting firm
    The objective of the study was to understand the import process of textile machinery in terms of import duties & custom regulations and the standards related to design, electric safety & worker safety. The machines under scope varied - for production of textile fibre & yarn, weaving, and knitting. Desk research was supplemented with interviews with machinery manufacturers & importers, industry associations, the Ministry of Textiles and custom authorities.
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