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Welcome to the January issue of ValueNotes Connect. Hope 2013 has started off on a good note for you.

This month, Nidhi Purohit blogs about the economics of cash-on-delivery payments, and the issues that e-commerce firms have with it.

Deepti Krishnan tells us about Australia’s new Draft Guidelines for lawyers, and how they will affect the growing LPO industry there.

We also take a look at our most read articles of 2012 below –
Haril Joshi blogs about research methodologies in India, while Sayli Vaidya tells us about the opportunities in cold storage facilities in India that FDI has opened up. And Namita Adavi reveals why South India is going to see high growth in LED technology in the next few years…

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Strategize to handle the economics of offering the cash-on-delivery option to win in e-commerce
by Nidhi Purohit
COD has helped e-commerce firms in India increase market penetration and sell products to customers who are wary of online payments. Upto 70% of people opt for the COD mode of payment, making it the preferred choice in India. But this policy has also created a lot of sticky situations for the same players. They are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the economics of COD. So what exactly is the problem with this mode of payment?
New guidelines to affect LPO in Australia
– by Deepti Krishnan
Australia is an emerging destination for Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) providers looking to expand their client base in new geographies. The Australian legal industry is estimated to be worth USD 21 billion, giving LPO providers a great opportunity to tap this market. The new Australian Draft Guidelines for lawyers are definitely going to affect this industry; Deepti Krishnan tells us how….
Most Popular Articles of 2012 The good, the bad and the ugly of market research in India
Haril Joshi blogs about why the research methodologies applied in other countries do not hold true for a vast and diversified market like India…FDI in multi-brand retail is heating up the cold (Chain Sector)
Now that multi brand retail is on the verge of becoming a reality in India, it will create a lot of opportunities for warehousing; especially cold storage facilities…

Is LED in India set for a south Indian takeover?
The adoption of LED technology is set for rapid growth overall, but differences will arise on the level of penetration by geography…

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The Effect of LED Growth on the CFL Market in India
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