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According to a recent study cited in the Harvard Business Review, trust is the social glue that holds business relationships together. Managers from different nations were asked “How do people in your culture determine if a potential business partner is trustworthy?” Trustworthiness was judged differently across cultures.

Trust becomes all the more important when your business partner is all the way across the globe… In today’s connected global economy, most of us work with customers, colleagues and vendors, from different geographies and cultures. Given that we never meet many of our collaborators and partners, trust becomes even more crucial. So how can businesses make sure that they’ve selected the right partner?

Strategy and market intelligence teams collaborate with multiple partners across geographies. Such relationships are driven by a variety of needs: lack of temporary capacity, specialized skills, languages, knowledge of local cultures, etc. What’s interesting is that research supplier relationships are becoming more collaborative – not merely outsourcing some tasks, but how to maximize each other’s strengths to build a successful partnership.

Do have a look at our presentation titled Best practices for successful competitive intelligence partnerships.

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Six mantras for choosing the right offshore business research partner

by Varsha Chitale

There are a large number of companies offering business research services across offshore destinations like India (which is the most favoured one), Malaysia, Philippines and several others. How can you ensure that you select the right offshore research partner?


Is your offshore research partnership in good hands?

by Varsha Chitale

It is people who create effective relationships… or destroy them. And this certainly holds true for research offshoring partnerships. No doubt research offshoring relationships need to have robust institutional and process frameworks at their base. Additionally, the people managing the partnerships need to be committed to it.



  • Presentation: Best practices for successful competitive intelligence partnerships


Some client problems we have solved:

  • Business intelligence on mining & construction equipment manufacturers
  • Competitive intelligence on the global marine P&C insurance segment
  • Market study for predictive analytics in asset management
  • Case study: Management & updation of a real-time information database
  • Case study: Wealth manager makes productivity gains and cost savings from outsourcing research support
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