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India has the potential to be a major food supplier to the rest of the world. There is no scarcity of food within the nation. Why then, do we have one of the largest populace of hungry people in the world? It’s unimaginable that nearly USD 7bn worth of food is wasted in India annually!

Aniket Pargaonkar answers the question of what one of our biggest problems is – not the non-availability, but the wastage of food every year. FDI in retail is likely to be implemented soon. The government is also planning to implement the food security bill, which would further demand storage and cold chain facilities in order to reduce the amount of food wastage. But will the government follow through?Shilpa Eguvanti goes on to tackle the primary reason for wastage of food – the dire lack of an integrated cold chain framework in India, particularly refrigerated transport. She explains the nascent stage of the cold chain industry in the country, and what needs to be done to develop it. [Shilpa has authored an industry report on the Indian cold chain industry]

While, on the other hand, Arun Jethmalani opines on whether the privatisation of public sector Indian banks will reduce the divergence in performance compared to the “new” private sector banks.

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FDI in retail & food security bill to boost India’s cold chain industry; role of government will be critical
– by Aniket Pargaonkar
FoodSecurityBill While India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, the country’s integrated cold chain industry is nascent and is witnessing a wide demand-supply gap. Cold storages at production zones are archaic in nature. The lack of cool rooms and refrigerated transport is causing more than 40% losses in annual produce. There is a need for adoption of superior technology by the storage facilities. The government is promoting both FDI in retail as well as the food security bill. But can they follow through?
Refrigerated cold chain – Will it pick up heat in the near future?
– by Shilpa Eguvanti
RefrigeratedColdChain India has the potential to be a food supplier to the world, provided the challenges in integrated cold chain logistics are addressed. A well developed integrated cold chain will not only help India in reducing wastage of agriculture produce, but will also help in garnering huge revenues in exports. To combat multiple challenges, the Indian Government has come up with various initiatives, but will they be able to implement them successfully?
Indian Banks: Privatisation is the only way out!
– by Arun Jethmalani
Indian Banks: Privatisation is the only way out For several years now, there has been a clear divergence in performance between the “new” private sector banks and their state owned counterparts. Though this divergence was already visible pre-2008; post crisis, the difference has become stark, across a number of parameters. This is nothing new – and investors have preferred well-run private banks for over a decade.
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