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Whose brand perception? Users versus non-users
Brand perception is important because having a strong brand helps open many more doors for a company – with current and potential customers, financiers, potential partners and employees, among others. So when you want to understand how your brand is perceived in the market, it is important that you reach out to all the stakeholders.
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Insights & Publications
Voice of Customer: Leveraging customer inputs to accelerate business objectives
A whitepaper based on a survey conducted by ValueNotes of senior decision-makers to find out if they really knew what their customers thought of their products and services.
ValueNotes BrandMeter – actionable intelligence from brand perception
I like to look at reviews before buying things, and I imagine others do too. While it is easy to find reviews and comments on consumer durables on social media, I have not seen any posts on engineering products such as boilers, power tools, compressors, etc.
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Case study
User perception study helps auto-component manufacturer re-design its product strategy

Our client, one of India’s leading automotive component manufacturers, supplies technology products to 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler OEMs in India. The company had introduced a new engine component for 2-wheelers in India. Despite being superior to the existing technology – offering better mileage and engine performance, and lower emissions – the product did not find a lot of traction in the Indian market.

In order to redevelop the product, appropriately calibrate its marketing plan in India and formulate a price structure for it, the client wanted an understanding of end-user perception, purchase criteria and price-sensitivity in the Indian market.

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