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In recent months, the government’s push towards “affordable housing” has intensified with an extension of the interest subsidy scheme to houses as large as 150 square metres. This is in addition to several other initiatives, which have prompted the launch of the HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund.


If this shift to affordable housing actually takes off, the opportunities for construction, building products, home loans and related industries will finally realize the potential that exists, and which is huge. An earlier analysis by ValueNotes, which assumed that only 30% of this would be realized, still showed substantial opportunity.


Valuenotes closely tracks the building and construction products sector, and a recent survey found that dealers of building products are highly optimistic. This is despite all the short-term travails due to GST, RERA and the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act.


Do read our case study on how we helped a global chemicals firm establish the market opportunity for the skim coat (wall putty) market in India.




Case Study
Market opportunity for the skim coat (wall putty) market in India


Our client, a global leader in chemicals who supplied polymers that go into wall-putty / skim coat, was keen to find out at what stage in the product life cycle was cement-based wall putty positioned today vis-à-vis substitutes.


We interviewed nearly 150 respondents including putty manufacturers (national & local players), distributors, paint contractors, architects and builders.


Our analysis provided detailed insights into the attractiveness of the wall putty market, thumb rules for usage by customer segment and application…


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