• Our client was a global leader in chemicals and supplied polymers that go into wall-putty / skim coat (mainly cement-based)
  • The client was keen to find out at what stage in the product life cycle was cement-based wall putty positioned today vis-à-vis substitutes



  • Interviews with nearly 150 respondents including putty manufacturers (national & local players), distributors, paint contractors, architects and builders.



  • Our analysis provided detailed insights into:

-Attractiveness of the wall putty market

-Thumb rules for usage by customer segment and application

-Impact of technology and changes in government policies

-Competitive landscape – leading players, market shares, geographical coverage, pricing, margins, differentiators, etc

Value chain assessment, role of distribution channels, key customers & influencers, consumer selection criteria, etc

Sample Deliverables

Sample Deliverables 1
Sample Deliverables 2
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