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In the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, a biennial measure of international supply chain efficiency, India ranked 35 in 2016 (up from 54 in 2014). With 29 states, each levying different taxes, the business of moving goods across borders is a complex one. Trucks can remain idle for up to 40% of their total transit time due to border checks and other entry barriers.


There is no doubt that GST – the much awaited goods and services tax regime – could revolutionise logistics in India. The reforms will make it easier to do business in the country, attracting vast amounts of investment – domestic and foreign investments – into the sector. So why, then, the scepticism?


According to an ILO report, a little over 200 million people will be unemployed in 2017 globally. In 2018, the number of people in search of employment will outstrip job creation, resulting in an additional 2.7 million unemployed people. Closer to home, India’s IT sector – which absorbs nearly a quarter of a million people each year – is certainly feeling the pain. Are the glory days of the sector over?


Technology isn’t the only thing that’s disrupting the way we work. Here are some trends that will drive the future of work.


Do have a look at our case study on how a customer satisfaction programme helped our client discover several unmet needs and reduce their customer acquisition costs.

Case Study
Customer satisfaction programme helps add to the bottom line


A technology solutions firm was unaware of how customers felt about their products and service


– Were they satisfied with the quality of the technical design / architecture implemented by the team?

– Was the team able to solve technically challenging problems?

– Were there any new features they would like to have?


Besides, the client’s internal process was void of a metric that could feed into their internal appraisal system.


Apart from establishing the most sought after NPS score, the C-Sat programme helped our client discover several unmet needs which they could fulfil, adding to their bottom line.


Find out how our C-Sat programme helped our client…




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