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In a business where brand and distribution take decades to build in a large, diverse market like India – Patanjali’s growth resembles that of an e-commerce company. Every disruptor rides on a trend or a discontinuity. Here, healthy living, associated with natural and traditional products is a huge trend, not only in India, but globally. Whether Patanjali has just ridden the trend, or helped convert it into a tidal wave is the question.


A look at its business – as it stands today – might make some of us wonder whether there is trouble brewing in Patanjali. There have been instances of problems with product quality and distribution, and more recently franchisees shutting down. Competition (the likes of HUL and Colgate Palmolive) is upping the ante with the launch of new natural products. Despite all this Patanjali is venturing into a completely unrelated category… selling garments!


Do have a look at our report on Patanjali’s consumers – to get a sense of what they liked about the products and why they bought them.



Case Study
Competitive benchmarking helps FMCG firm streamline its go-to-market strategy


In the past few years, FMCG companies in India have been continuously expanding their product lines and changing their sales and distribution strategies.


Our client, a leading FMCG firm in India, wanted to understand the sales & distribution models of their peers in order to strengthen their own go-to-market (GTM) strategy. However, they lacked the competitive intelligence (CI) expertise that was required for gathering granular on-the-ground intelligence.


ValueNotes helped the client formulate a proactive go-to-market strategy to win against their key peers.


Find out how…


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