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The good, the bad and the ugly of market research in India
While interviewing the India sales head of a multinational company for a research project, he asked me whether I trusted the data published by associations and syndicated reports. He believed that the figures were highly skewed. To this I had only one answer, “I can use these figures as a reference point, but cannot blindly rely on them…”
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Webinar: Comparison between primary and secondary research
Insights on how to maximize the ROI on CI by selecting the right combination of primary and secondary research
Are you “reading things” right?
Companies do need information and inputs to analyse, interpret and convert into corporate strategy. However, it often doesn’t come to you neatly packaged, but has to be synthesized from a bunch of messy inputs from talking to multiple people in the ecosystem. To what extent can you rely on things people have said?
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An international farm equipment manufacturer enhances its market penetration


Most farm equipment manufacturers have an established presence in major agricultural pockets. However, no single player serves the entire agricultural sector in India with an end-to-end product range. ValueNotes sought to identify pockets of unmet demand.


In-depth interviews with equipment manufacturers and dealers across the value chain helped establish the geographical areas where the competitors had low market penetration and their flexibility (production capacity) to meet the anticipated increase in demand.


Find out how our primary research helped enhance the client’s market in rural India


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