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On the 8th of November last year, India woke up to the news of demonetisation, which meant much of one’s cash in hand was worthless. On the 1st of July this year, the country will wake up to its biggest tax reform since independence when the goods and services tax (GST) will be rolled out. With a nation of 29 states, each levying a different tax, the new regime will redefine the country as a single market.


While there will always be some hiccups when implementing something new, given the sheer scale of the current exercise, one should expect disruption. GST is expected to have widespread benefits for the economy in the long run. However, in the short run there will be substantial chaos.


India is the world’s third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide, after China and the United States. With noble plans for a greener future, one might question how green the new GST regime really is.


Lastly, do read about how we helped a German metering solutions provider enter the Indian utilities market.



Case Study
ValueNotes helps a German metering solutions provider enter the Indian utilities market


The Indian utilities metering market is a particularly tricky one to evaluate

– Utilities come under state jurisdiction; therefore, there are multiple authorities involved

– Electricity, water and gas sectors have different levels of maturity, legislations, and documentation for each State

– Secondary information on the market is limited


Face-to-face interviews – with government officials, local municipalities and public sector organizations – across Indian states, and applications filed under the “Right to Information Act” helped get the latest and most relevant information on the market.


Find out how our research helped the client enter into discussions with a major Indian water company for a possible joint venture


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