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The so called sharing economy – or collaborative or gig economy, as it is often known as – is one of the fastest growing sectors today. Digital platforms are transforming how people work – with conventional 9-to-5 jobs with a single employer giving way to a model where large companies are drawing on resources from a distributed crowd. With a growing workforce of freelancers and self-employed people, will the likes of start-ups such as Uber and Airbnb give traditional businesses a run for their money?


Every major technology shift has led to job losses, and sometimes destruction of entire industries or professions. Though new jobs are created and productivity may improve, there is severe pain for the losers. Today, faced with a plethora of automation technologies coupled with employment stagnation in developed countries, there is heightened fear and uncertainty about the future. Robots (or printers) will make products, cars will drive themselves, software will answer calls and trade stocks, artificial intelligence will make decisions – so then, what will humans do?


Do have a look at our case study about we helped a leading global IT services firm improve their online visibility.

Case study
ValueNotes helps a leading global IT services firm improve their online visibility

In today’s age of social media and all things online, it is becoming increasingly important to have a good online marketing strategy and effective online communication to engage the right audience. Our client, wanted to ensure that their online strategy was the best in the business, and hence needed to regularly monitor what their competitors were doing on social media and on their corporate platforms.


A dynamic dashboard mapped the online presence of the competitors across social media platforms to establish whether the activity was aligned with their strategies. We also identified the audience engagement pattern of each competitor.


Our comprehensive benchmarking provided actionable insights such as

  • Quality of the online content
  • Relevance to the industry
  • Frequency of content generation and upload
  • Being in line with the trends in the market


Find out how we helped the client optimise their content & online presence to stay ahead of their competition


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