Client wanted their online marketing strategy to be the best among peers


In today’s age of social media and all things online, it is becoming increasingly important to have a good online marketing strategy and effective online communication to engage the right audience. Our client, wanting to make sure their online strategy was the best in the business, needed to regularly monitor what their competitors were doing on social media and corporate platforms. The client wanted to optimize their content and online presence in order to stay ahead of their competition.


An interactive and dynamic console was designed to aid granular monitoring and analysis


ValueNotes mapped the online presence of the client’s competitors on the most popular social media platforms. We designed a system that provided adequate intelligent filtering and tracked only the information that was business relevant. In addition to that, we also tracked the content that the competitors were promoting on their websites. All these posts were then classified across an exhaustive list of 17 verticals, 9 horizontals and 8 corporate initiatives. This helped us analyze whether their online activity was aligned with their published strategies for the industries in focus. An important part of the study was identifying the audience engagement pattern of each of the competitors. This included assessing the response – comments, likes, backtracks – they got from the audience as well as their follow through on those responses.


We created a dynamic dashboard that was customized to give these quantitative and qualitative inputs. The dashboard facilitated slicing and dicing across various parameters and thus allowed the data to be analyzed and interpreted in a number of ways.


ValueNotes helped the client revamp their online marketing strategy


Our comprehensive benchmarking and actionable insights helped the client take specific decisions to improve their online marketing communication in terms of:

– Quality of the online content

– Relevance to the industry

– Frequency of content generation and upload

– Being in line with the trends in the market


Through our content benchmarking system, we captured more than 2,000 posts on a real time basis per month. Our in-depth analysis helped identify and monitor the best online marketing practices of the competitors. This enabled the client to become the “best” among peers.

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