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Why a CI framework is not dispensable
In most companies in India, CI is not necessarily done by CI professionals. The users of the intelligence (& analysis) are heads of various functions, business heads, and of course the CEO. Without a framework, you don’t get the intelligence you need, and the cost of getting it is higher than it needs to be. Find out why
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White paper – Competitor profiling: Many needs behind the need
A framework for efficiently creating competitor profiles that meet the needs of multiple users in the organization.
Talking to strangers for competitive intelligence
Have you talked to a stranger today? Yes, I know what Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said; but if you are a CI analyst, you are not doing a good job if you haven’t! CI is all about gaining a competitive advantage. Talking to the right people is the only way to get more than what everyone else knows. Read more
How we helped a global technology firm fine-tune their CI framework


Our client relied on the CI gathered by their sales team to improve their business performance in India. They wanted to make the process of gathering and sharing CI more efficient and effective.


ValueNotes designed and conducted a two-day workshop for the client’s sales & marketing team and senior executives to establish whether
– the right questions were being asked
– effective sources of information and elicitation techniques were being used
– the most appropriate analysis frameworks were being created


Read how the client was able to refine their key intelligence topics & key intelligence questions to create a practical CI framework


Case study
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