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Have you ever wondered how analysts manage to give such precise numbers for future revenue or earnings? What matters is the trend or direction. Specific numbers in a particular quarter can deviate substantially due to a variety of reasons. Despite this, much effort is expended on preciseness – even when they know it’s futile.A similar fetish for preciseness shows up in the corporate world.
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White paper – Competitive Intelligence Needs-Assessment: Asking the right questions
Defining the key intelligence needs of an organization and asking the right questions are crucial for getting actionable CI
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Competitive intelligence analysts must frequently remind themselves of their final objective. I have seen analysts get so involved in the “activity” they do, that they forget why they do it. They forget to stand back and look at the big picture. When they lose the strategy perspective, they miss the opportunity to make that critical value addition which converts research to insights and intelligence.
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Early warning by independently confirming market rumours


A multinational speciality chemicals manufacturer wanted to confirm rumours on the activity of one of its main competitors in India.

– The competitor had developed a speciality chemical

– Our client, a major manufacturer of this chemical,was one of the few companies in the world capable of manufacturing it


Independent confirmation of this rumour was of immense strategic value to the client…


Find out how our early warning helped the client maintain their dominant position


Case study
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