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August 2014
Breaking the distribution barrier in retail
Distribution networks are vital to manufacturers of consumer goods. They serve as significant barriers to entry for new entrants in the market. Recent success stories of online product launches indicate that e-commerce can weaken these barriers. Is this a signal of things to come?
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Short Industry Reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Home water purifier industry in India 2014-2019
Packaged Bottled Water Market in India 2013-18
Industrial Compressors Industry in India 2014-19
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Customer intelligence for successful localization
The Indian market has come to expect a high degree of localization and this has become a must for companies that want to succeed in India. For effective localization, what is needed is a deep understanding of what the market needs and the need behind the need – customer intelligence.
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Case Study

ValueNotes helps a global AC manufacturer tap the INR 2,200cr market in 24 tier II and III cities in India

A global manufacturer of air-conditioners wanted to penetrate the tier II and III cities in India to grow their sales. In order to do this they wanted to understand the market dynamics, competition, products, customer landscape and purchasing behaviour in different cities and regions in the country to identify areas with high potential and formulate their go-to-market strategy.

ValueNotes leveraged its extensive pan-India research network to conduct in-depth primary research with over 850 respondents and provided the client with actionable intelligence to tap the INR 2,200 market.

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