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Value of competitive intelligence
CI, to the extent that it provides an early warning system for companies, is akin to an insurance product that protects them from nasty surprises. Like insurance, for companies that do not do CI, its value is only perceived when something goes wrong. One of our clients lost more than half its market share in a span of two years.
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Webinar: Competitive Intelligence – Are you seeking the right answers?
Determine how an organization can assess its CI needs to address all key risks…to avoid being caught by surprise
Surprised by surprise?
Doing business is getting riskier. Knowing that their environment has more variables, it is logical that companies take actions to mitigate risks. In this case, the action is to keep track of all the changes that impact them, and factor those into their own plans. In short, companies need competitive intelligence to mitigate business risks.
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Case study
Real-time market intelligence helps engineering MNC stay ahead of its peers

Our client, a provider of mining and construction equipment, wanted to closely monitor competition, customer activity and economic drivers (including early warning signals). The objective was to provide them with actionable intelligence to

– identify and analyse potential sales leads

– track competitor activity and market share

– monitor economic and industry trends, and the likely impact on their business units


Find out how our intelligence helped the client take timely & informed decisions


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