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April 2014
Better documentation necessary for averting India’s water crisis
“The next big wars will be fought over water!” – is an ominous prophecy one increasingly hears. India is among the most water stressed parts of the world. Climatic changes are leading to unpredictable and highly variable weather (and rainfall) patterns and ground water levels are sinking. In order to take effective policy actions to stave off the looming water crisis in India, the country first needs to improve its documentation and record keeping.
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Short Industry Reports
ValueNotes “Short Industry Reports” serve as a first reference point to understand key sectors and sub-sectors in India.
Warehousing Industry in India, 2013-17
Integrated Cold Chain Industry in India, 2013-17
Switchgear and Control Gear Industry in India, 2013-17
Data, data, everywhere… only a drop of insight
These days it appears next to impossible to ignore big data and analytics. When we're stumped, big data will tell us what to do! And if big data doesn't have the answer, then don’t worry – we can look at “small” data! And if we have no data, we can always mine it from social media or the Internet. We will make better marketing decisions, acquire more customers, improve profitability and beat the pants off competition. So what are we waiting for?
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Case Study

ValueNotes helps German metering solutions provider enter the Indian utilities market

A global service provider of solutions for consumption-based billing wanted to explore the opportunities for electricity, water and piped gas metering in India. The utilities metering market in India is a tricky one to evaluate as utilities come under the jurisdiction of the States and each utility has very different levels of maturity, legislations, and documentation across different States.

Since there is a lack of documented information in this sector, ValueNotes conducted intensive field interviews with government officials, municipalities and public sector organizations in multiple states to derive actionable recommendations and market entry strategy for the client.

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