ValueNotes hosted a webinar on “VFM comparison between primary and secondary research” on 13th March 2012. The interactive session provided insights on how to maximize the ROI on CI by selecting the right combination of primary and secondary research.

Our webinar focused on the importance of selecting the right research technique so as to get the maximum ‘bang for your buck’.



Watch the recording of the webinar and download the slide presentation Watch the recording of the webinar and download the slide presentation


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Key take-aways of the presentation


  • Parameters for selecting research techniques for CI
  • Ways of evaluating the research techniques for maximum ROI
  • Key examples for the presenters experience that demonstrated key considerations while selecting a proper mix of primary and secondary research




  • Included competitive intelligence professionals and practitioners from around the world
  • Senior executives who use competitive intelligence
  • Market research professionals




Varsha Chitale, Director, CI Practice, ValueNotes

Varsha has been a CI practitioner for over a decade, and has over 15 years’ experience in research and consulting. She holds an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, and is a qualified CFA. She has been widely published and has presented at several Indian and international events (including SCIP conferences).

Varsha writes a regular blog on CI and manages a LinkedIn group “Competitive Intelligence Network India

Our CEO, Arun Jethmalani participated in the Q&A session.

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