Through the years, it has been observed the outsourcing industry has attained maturity and surmounted several challenges. Outsourcing has now gained greater acceptance and has moved beyond a means of just cutting costs. Increasing service provider maturity over the years has helped diminish the reluctance to outsource business critical processes. However, this has added to the complexity of sourcing related decision making for the buyer community. The service provider landscape has become as diverse as ever – with differentiation becoming the norm rather than the exception. Differences in offering, depth, maturity, scale, and strategy pose a challenge while trying to seek an understanding of the vendor landscape. For buyers of these services, this impedes the decision making process especially as it pertains to vendor selection or benchmarking.

ValueNotes Sourcing Prism

With a bid to gain a unified insight into the service provider landscape, ValueNotes has devised a formal means of vendor evaluation. The Prism represents each company’s current performance on three parameters – its services maturity, sustainability, and strategic intent.

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The ValueNotes Sourcing Prism thus compares each company’s overall performance with two benchmarks: 

Industry Average – average rating across the industry for each parameter, plotted together.
Industry World Class – The highest rating possible in the industry, represented by the outermost corners of the Sourcing Prism. The rating standards are likely to be redefined each year as the industry matures. As a consequence, the Industry Average and Industry World Class benchmarks will differ every year, reflecting growing maturity (and evolving customer needs) across the three parameters. 
Further, companies are classified into three groups – Pacesetters, Contenders and Aspirants, based on the 2S Segments.

How to use this model

While designing this model, our primary focus was to create a platform that allows the reader to easily evaluate and rate companies in the service provider landscape. The Sourcing Prism and the 2S Segments will allow the reader to gain an individualistic as well as a holistic view of the industry. 

The report will help the reader:

  • Interpret industry benchmarks
  • Understand relative rating of companies in the service provider landscape
  • Evaluate individual company deviance from benchmarks

The first edition of the ValueNotes Sourcing Prism studies the Indian legal services outsourcing landscape and plots companies on the 2S Segments and on individual Sourcing Prisms, based on their services maturity, sustainability and strategic intent.


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Table Of Contents

1. Preamble
2. The ValueNotes Sourcing Prism
2.1 About the parameters
2.1.1 Services Maturity
2.1.2 Sustainability
2.1.3 Strategic Intent
2.2 How the ValueNotes Sourcing Prism works
2.2.1 ValueNotes Sourcing Prism
2.2.2 2S Segments
2.3 FAQs
3. ValueNotes Sourcing Prism: Legal Outsourcing
3.1 Industry Overview
3.2 Industry Analysis
3.2.1 Services Maturity vs. Sustainability
3.2.2 Strategic Intent vs. Services Maturity
3.2.3 Strategic Intent vs. Sustainability
3.3 Industry Group Analysis
3.4 Individual Sourcing Prisms
4. About ValueNotes
4.1 Research Publications
4.2 Recent Custom Projects

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Sourcing Prism
Exhibit 2: 2S Segment
Exhibit 3: Assigning prism rating
Exhibit 4: Classification
Exhibit 5: Services Maturity vs. Sustainability
Exhibit 6: Strategic Intent vs. Services Maturity
Exhibit 7: Strategic Intent vs. Sustainability
Exhibit 8: Delivery and marketing offices

Table Of Companies

1. Aphelion Legal Solutions
2. Bodhi Global
3. Clairvolex Knowledge Processes
4. Clutch Group
5. Cobra Legal Solutions
6. CPA Global
7. Evalueserve
8. Exactus
9. Global IP Services
10. GP Law Solutions
11. GreyB
12. IDS Infotech
13. Innovar IP Consulting Group
14. Inrea Research
15. Integreon
16. Intrust Global
17. IPR Consultants
18. Ius Juris
19. Kochhar LexServe
20. Lapiz Digital
21. LawScribe Inc.
22. Lawwave
23. LegalEase Solution LLC
24. Legasis Services Pvt. Ltd.
25. Lexadigm Solutions LLC
26. Lexplosion
27. Manthan Legal
28. Mindcrest Inc.
29. Neural IT
30. NewGalexy Partners Ltd.
31. Overlegen
32. Pangea3
33. Quatrro Legal Solutions
34. QuisLex
35. R R Donnelley
36. SDD Global
37. Talwar & Talwar Consultants
38. Trivent Legal
39. Tusker Group
40. UnitedLex
41. WNS Legal

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