January 2009: ValueNotes co-hosted a conference in Bombay, with the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA), on process outsourcing in the Indian banking industry. [IBA is a voluntary service organisation of the banking industry in India]


Globally, the banking and financial services sector accounts for nearly 60% of the global offshoring market. In contrast, the Indian banking sector has been slower to outsource. This presentation by ValueNotes provides insights into:


  • the early offshoring adoption by international banks
  • the drivers and constraints for outsourcing in the Indian banking industry
  • types of services outsourced by banks in India
  • the service provider landscape, with a list of providers and the services offered by each
  • the market size and opportunity for outsourcing in the banking sector


The presentation also looks at the future opportunities in the Indian banking outsourcing industry under three different scenarios. These scenarios reflect the regulatory environment and the ability of banks to refine their strategy with changing business conditions.


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