“Auto design and engineering services is a huge emerging opportunity that India is well positioned to exploit – given the growing maturity of its automobile industry and proven offshoring capabilities”, says Arun Jethmalani, CEO, ValueNotes.

The automobile industry, especially in the US and Europe is facing intense competitive pressures – rising labour costs, shorter product cycles, dropping profitability and rapid growth in emerging markets. This has created a set of enabling factors, or drivers, that are forcing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and auto ancillaries to explore outsourcing and offshoring options.

Offshore Indian vendors stand to gain substantially, as outsourced engineering and design is set to witness double-digit growth for the next five years. According to a latest report by ValueNotes, revenues from automotive design and engineering offshoring are expected to cross US $1 billion by 2010, from US $270 – $300 million in 2005. Estimates also show that the industry employs 12,000 people in India and is likely to see 30 per cent growth every year for the next three years.

Offshore Indian vendors can be categorized into four groups:

  • Captives – GM, Delphi, Ford
  • Subsidiaries of Indian auto OEMs – Mahindra, Hero, Eicher
  • Independent engineering design firms – Plexion, DC Design, Neilsoft
  • Indian IT services firms – TCS, Wipro, Infosys

Of these vendor groups, apart from the captives, subsidiaries of Indian auto OEMs are best positioned to offer end-to-end design and engineering services. This is on account of their domain knowledge, and financial muscle to invest in organic and inorganic growth to build capabilities. Rather than piecemeal sub-contracting of design, engineering and manufacturing jobs, auto companies would prefer vendors offering end-to-end services or complete solutions in future. This provides an entry point for more Indian auto ancillaries to move from pure manufacturing to providing the complete range of solutions – from design to manufacture to delivery.

Independent engineering and design firms will be hot targets for mergers and acquisitions as companies with greater financial strength, primarily IT firms, subsidiaries of Indian OEMs and ancillaries look to acquire capabilities and clients. “Many of the independent design and engineering firms will look at this as an opportunity to exit, or align with a strong financial partner”, says analyst Neeraja Kandala.

The report is based on extensive interviews with key people at various automotive design outsourcing companies in India.

The report is designed to help:

  • Automotive companies, OEMs and ancillary suppliers
  • Outsourcing consultants evaluate and compare the offerings of vendors
  • Automotive engineering and design service vendors to assess their competitive environment
  • Venture Capital companies looking for investment opportunities
  • Researchers looking for detailed information on automotive engineering and design outsourcing

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Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary 
2. Global market for automotive design services
2.1 Global automotive industry
2.2 Automotive industry structure
2.3 Global auto industry, Research and Development spending
2.4 Outsourcing Drivers
3. Automotive design outsourcing
3.1 Automotive design process
3.2 Mechanical design services value chain
3.3 Automotive design services process, Electronic systems
3.4 Electronic design services value chain
3.5 Range of Electronics design and engineering services
3.6 Design breakup
4. Automotive Design Offshoring to India
4.1 The Offshoring Chain
4.2 Design services offshored to India
4.3 India advantages
5. Indian Vendor Analysis
5.1 Industry Structure
5.2 Comparative Analysis of Vendors
5.3 Billing rates
5.4 Current Positioning of Vendors
5.5 Location analysis
5.6 Key Industry Issues
6. Trends, Insights & Projections
6.1 Opportunity for India
6.2 Indian Employee Estimates
6.3 Subsidiaries of Indian auto OEMs to gain!
6.4 IT firms to gain from the proliferation of electronics in auto
6.5 Trend towards complete solutions
6.6 Competition at the low end
6.7 Independent engineering & design firms: hot property
7. Company Profiles
Satyam – Venture Engineering Services
Eicher Engineering Solutions
Mahindra Engineering
Geometric Software Solutions
Motherson Sumi Infotech & Designs Limited (MIND)
Onward Technologies Ltd
Tata Technologies
TACO Engineering
Hoyt Engineering
8. About Valuenotes 

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Motor vehicle production by country & region (‘000)
Exhibit 2: Vehicle production by company (in million units)
Exhibit 3: Structure of the Global Auto Industry
Exhibit 4: Global Auto OEMs, Revenues and R&D investment
Exhibit 5:Global auto ancillaries, revenues and R&D investment (2004-05)
Exhibit 6: Global auto industry, 2004-05 R&D investment
Exhibit 7: R&D investments by OEMs and ancillaries, 2004-2005
Exhibit 8: Automotive design outsourcing, drivers
Exhibit 9: Average starting salary, India and US
Exhibit 10: Automotive design process, Mechanical
Exhibit 11: Automotive design services value chain, Mechanical
Exhibit 12: Automotive design process, Electronic systems
Exhibit 13: Automotive design services value chain, Electronics
Exhibit 14: Automotive design outsourced by content
Exhibit 15: The offshoring chain
Exhibit 16: The offshoring chain, services
Exhibit 17: Automotive design services offshored to India
Exhibit 18: Regions offshoring to India
Exhibit 19: Engineering graduates in India, 2004
Exhibit 20: Prominent design institutes in India
Exhibit 21: Industry Structure
Exhibit 22: Strengths and weaknesses of service providers
Exhibit 23: Segmentation by services offered
Exhibit 24: Major Players in auto design Outsourcing in India
Exhibit 25: Average Billing Rates in Industry
Exhibit 26: Comparative analysis of leading vendor groups
Exhibit 27: Comparative analysis of captive centers
Exhibit 28: Independent design firms, vertical focus
Exhibit 29: Comparative analysis of Independent Engineering Design Firms
Exhibit 30: Subsidiaries of Indian OEMs, vertical focus
Exhibit 31: Subsidiaries of Indian auto companies
Exhibit 32: Comparative analysis of auto OEM and ancillary subsidiaries
Exhibit 33: IT Services firms, vertical focus
Exhibit 34: Comparative analysis of IT Services Firms
Exhibit 35: Location of service providers across categories
Exhibit 36: Location attractiveness
Exhibit 37: Comparative rating of destinations
Exhibit 38: Estimated revenue growth
Exhibit 39: Estimated employee growth
Exhibit 40: Recent acquisitions by Indian service providers outside India

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