The current economic condition notwithstanding, the publishing outsourcing industry (BPO) is set to grow. India continues to hold the largest share of offshored publishing services, contributing $660 m to the total $780 m worth of total offshoring revenues from Asian countries (India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and China). The STM/Academic, educational and legal publishing form a bulk of offshoring to India, with traction in other segments such as magazines, corporate/B2B publishing, etc.

Services offshored have undergone a transition – from low value services such as tagging, editing existing designs, copy editing to high value services such as original designs, testing and assessments and e-learning tools over the last two years. There has been an influx of technology in the industry that has enhanced productivity, work flow and most importantly reduced cost and turnaround time.  Providers have transcended traditional vendor roles to develop partnerships with publishers to drive innovation, leverage cost and ideation. The culmination of these transitions will help the industry to grow to $1.2 b by 2012.

Since our last report we have established that there are over 140 vendors in the publishing offshoring industry and we have identified a minimum of 35 credible service providers, which fall within the scope of the study. These service providers have been categorized into five clusters and analyzed based on their services, focus, positioning and strategies.

Based on our exhaustive primary research and analysis of this sector, we have identified a “list of frontrunners”, that have the highest potential to emerge as leader within their chosen niches. This is on account of strong capabilities, onshore and offshore presence, well-defined growth strategies, execution capabilities, brand and financial strength.

ValueNotes report: “Offshoring in the Publishing Vertical – 2009” provides an in-depth information and analysis of the Indian service provider landscape along with profiles of major and upcoming players.

This report will also help understand the dynamics of offshoring destinations, services offshored, segments that are serviced and trends and insights in the offshoring publishing industry. The report is designed to help:

  • Publishers looking to outsource/offshore
  • Publishing BPOs to assess their competitive environment
  • American and European publishers looking for Indian partners
  • Outsourcing consultants to evaluate and compare the offerings of Indian vendors
  • Researchers and others looking for detailed information on publishing outsourcing

Publishing houses will find this invaluable in understanding the capabilities of Indian service providers and selecting the best fit.

The report is based on secondary data as well as extensive interviews with key people at various publishing outsourcing companies in India. This report is an update of “Offshoring in the Publishing Vertical “, published by ValueNotes in May 2007.


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Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction and Background    
2.1 Global publishing industry: current challenges
2.2 Scope of the study
3. The Offshored Market    
3.1 Offshoring market size: share by country
3.2 Key destination characteristics
3.3 Who is offshoring what?
3.4 What drives offshoring?
3.4.1 Saving potential by cost heads
3.4.2 Salary comparison: India vs. US and UK
4. Services Offshored 
4.1 Service buckets
4.2 Offshore maturity by service
4.3 Estimated Billing Rates
5. The Service Provider Landscape    
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Typical provider groups
5.3 Offshore capacity: employee estimates
5.4 Service capabilities
5.5 Segment presence
5.6 US is the primary market
5.7 Client mix of offshore providers
5.8 Onshore/offshore presence of Indian providers
6. Service Provider Positioning and Strategies  
6.1 Cluster 1 service providers: the industry leaders
6.2 Cluster 2 service providers: the challengers
6.3 Cluster 3 service providers: raring to go
6.4 Cluster 4 service providers: small and niche
6.5 Cluster 5 service providers:  the small players
6.6 Comparative cluster analysis
6.7 Market leaders
7. Trends and Insights    
7.1 Offshore revenues and employment growth
7.1.1 Estimated future growth
7.1.2 Revenue contribution by services
7.1.3 Revenue contribution by vertical/segment
7.2 Technology will be a differentiator
7.3 Emerging opportunities
7.4 Acquisition targets across the border
7.5 Vendor consolidation will prompt shakeout
7.6 Impact of economic downturn
8. Research Methodology    
8.1 Data collection
8.2 Data analysis
9. About ValueNotes
9.1 Research publications
9.2 Recent custom projects

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Scope of this study
Exhibit 2: Publishing offshoring – share by country
Exhibit 3: Characteristics by destinations
Exhibit 4: Offshore Buyers of Publishing Services
Exhibit 5: Approx. cost saving potential
Exhibit 6: Employee salary comparison – US, UK and India
Exhibit 7: Service offshored
Exhibit 8: Content services: offshoring maturity
Exhibit 9: Design services: offshoring maturity
Exhibit 10: Technology related services: offshoring maturity
Exhibit 11: Other services: offshoring maturity
Exhibit 12: Estimated billing rates across services
Exhibit 13: Service provider clusters
Exhibit 14: Cluster wise employee strength
Exhibit 15: Employee break-down by cluster
Exhibit 16: Service capabilities by cluster
Exhibit 17: Content and technology: all pervasive capability
Exhibit 18: Segment focus by clusters
Exhibit 19: STM dominates
Exhibit 20: Cluster-wise segment focus
Exhibit 21: US is the primary market
Exhibit 22: Cluster-wise client list
Exhibit 23: Onshore-offshore presence and delivery
Exhibit 24: Onshore marketing presence more prevalent
Exhibit 25: Cluster 1 service providers
Exhibit 26: Capability analysis of Cluster 1
Exhibit 27: SWOT analysis of Cluster 1 service providers
Exhibit 28: Cluster 2 service providers
Exhibit 29: Capability analysis of Cluster 2
Exhibit 30: SWOT analysis of Cluster 2 service providers
Exhibit 31: Cluster 3 service providers
Exhibit 32: Capability analysis of Cluster 3
Exhibit 33: SWOT analysis of Cluster 3 service providers
Exhibit 34: Cluster 4 service providers
Exhibit 35: Capability analysis of Cluster 4
Exhibit 36: SWOT analysis of Cluster 4 service providers
Exhibit 37: Cluster 5 service providers
Exhibit 38: Capability analysis of Cluster 5
Exhibit 39: SWOT analysis of Cluster 5 service providers
Exhibit 40: Comparative analysis of clusters
Exhibit 41: Market leaders
Exhibit 42: Offshore revenues ($m) – India
Exhibit 43: Indian offshoring growth ($m)
Exhibit 44: Revenue contribution by services
Exhibit 45: Revenue contribution by vertical
Exhibit 46: Opportunities ahead
Exhibit 47: M&A deal analysis

List of Company Profiles

Profile 1: Aptara
Profile 2: Innodata Isogen
Profile 3: SPi
Profile 4: Laserwords
Profile 5: Integra
Profile 6: Diacritech
Profile 7: Newgen Imaging Systems
Profile 8: Eon Premedia
Profile 9: Content Matrix
Profile 10: Olympus

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