The Obama administration has brought in massive changes to the healthcare system in the US, which has the highest spending in the world. These reforms aim to lower expenditure and make healthcare accessible to a larger population. In addition, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) made sweeping changes to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These changes affect not only the healthcare providers, but also the vendors associated with them.

ValueNotes’ report titled – “Obamacare: Outsourcing opportunities in revenue cycle management” analyzes the effects of these changes to the healthcare provider market and the challenges they face in adapting to regulatory and procedural upheavals. Further, the report also outlines the consequent opportunities that outsourcing vendors can capture as a result of these reforms.
This report gives insights into –

  • How US healthcare reforms are affecting healthcare providers and the challenges they are facing
  • Revenue cycle management and related opportunities for healthcare outsourcing vendors
  • Vendors best positioned to make the best of these opportunities

IT/BPOs can capitalize on the significant opportunity by helping healthcare providers implement and manage electronic medical records and technology upgrades. RCM vendors can increase their footprint in the already expanding revenue cycle management and healthcare KPO service areas, including patient data management, healthcare analytics.

Our analysis and insights are based on discussions with healthcare service providers, market experts, buyers and third party software vendors, complemented by our outlook for the market.


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Table Of Contents

1. Scope
2. Introduction

2.1 Healthcare systems in the US
2.2 High cost of healthcare
2.3 Regulations affecting the US healthcare system
2.4 Impact of the regulations
3. Impact of changes on outsourcing

3.1 Outsourcing of revenue cycle management services
3.2 RCM vendor landscape
3.3 The impact of changes on the vendor landscape
4. Challenges in healthcare outsourcing

4.1 Outsourcing buyer challenges
4.2 Vendor challenges
5.Opportunities for outsourcing

5.1 What opportunities have emerged and why
5.2 Conclusion
6. Research Methodology

6.1 Data collection
6.2 Data analysis
7.About ValueNotes  

7.1 Research Publications
7.2 Recent Custom Projects
7.3 About the Authors

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