March 2009: ValueNotes hosted an industry briefing in Bombay to present the findings of its research report, Market Research Outsourcing (MRO) – buyer survey. Delegates discussed the future of the market research offshoring business and the funding opportunities in MRO services.


Some of the interesting insights into the market research offshoring sector highlighted in the presentation include:


  • a break-down by geography of offshoring by market research firms
  • break-down of offshoring by size of companies
  • types of services being offshored – such as data processing, data analysis, report writing, etc
  • offshoring destinations that are popular among US and European market research firms, and their market share
  • drivers of offshoring, and the challenges faced by small, medium and large market research firms
  • types of MRO service providers


In addition to the above, the presentation provides insights into the opportunities in the market research offshoring sector, and estimated growth rates in terms of revenues.


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