Market research service providers have been gaining prominence in the market research value chain. The offshorable industry for market research is estimated at $4 billion in 2006. ValueNotes buyer survey helps to understand the buyer perceptions, opinions and experiences on outsourcing in the market research sector.

The Indian MRO space is experiencing a phase of rapid growth over the last few years. Newer services have been added to the offshored list, many new vendors have emerged and several existing vendors have developed greater capabilities. The recent report released by ValueNotes estimates the offshored Market Research services revenues from India to exceed domestic market research industry revenues.

The Indian vendor landscape ranges from Captives of large research agencies to pure-play MRO vendors, full service research firms, KPOs and large and medium BPO service providers. All major the vendors are rapidly evolving in terms of service offerings and have aggressive expansion plans in near future. The ValueNotes report: “Market Research Outsourcing: Buyer Survey” provides an indepth insights and analysis about offshoring awareness and apprehensions of the buyer community (Market Research Agencies). The report estimates that MRO revenues are slated to grow from $148 million for FY07 to reach $800 million by FY12 at CAGR of 47%. However the domestic market esearch industry is expected to have a modest growth rate of 20% in near future.

Arun Jethmalani, CEO, ValueNotes, “The large and fast growing opportunity in MRO services has led to a mushrooming of new vendors, even as existing players are rapidly ramping up capabilities and capacity. Going forward, we expect growth in both high value services like Data mining, Analytics, and Panels etc., as well as in high volume, low-value services.”

The MRO Buyer survey analyses responses from Market Research agencies across US and European markets to provide insights on:
  • Offshoring awareness amongst MR agencies
  • Perception of MR agencies on offshoring various research activities
  • Current levels of offshoring amongst different categories of MR agencies
  • Opinion on offshoring drivers amongst different agency types
  • Location preference for offshoring research activities
  • Opinion on offshoring experience
  • Quality of service at offshore locations
  • Maturity of service providers
  • General level of satisfaction
  • Future trends in offshoring volumes for various services


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Table Of Contents

1.  Executive Summary
2. Preface
3. Methodology
3.1    Markets covered
3.2    Types of research agencies
3.3    Revenues of research agencies
4. Offshoring: who is doing what and where?
4.1    Who is offshoring?
4.2    What is being Offshored?
4.2.1 Offshoring services differ significantly across company size!
4.3    How much is being Offshored?
4.3.1 Limited penetration of offshoring
4.4    Offshoring destinations – diverse choice!
4.5    Quality across offshoring destinations
5. Offshoring Drivers And Challenges
5.1    Transcending cost arbitrage – key to greater value from offshoring
5.2    Drivers and constraints similar across key markets
5.3    Latent Potential : companies that don’t offshore
6. Choosing A Service Provider
6.1    Major service provider groups
6.2    Offshoring MR services – vendors or partners?
6.3    Offshoring destination drives choice of service provider type
6.4    Choosing a service provider – What matters most?
7. Opportunity and Future Outlook
7.1    High outsourcing volumes – significant opportunity for offshoring
7.2    Offshoring in MR – ready for next leap?
8. About ValueNotes
8.1    Research Publications
8.2    Recent Custom Projects

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1:      Majority responses from companies in US and European markets
Exhibit 2:      Responses by revenue responsibility of the respondent
Exhibit 3:      Offshoring – covers two thirds of the ground
Exhibit 4:      Data collection offshored by half of the research agencies
Exhibit 5:      Limited spread for Offshoring across MR value chain
Exhibit 6:      Offshoring drivers
Exhibit 7:      Offshoring concerns
Exhibit 8:      Service provider type
Exhibit 9:      Factors involved in choosing service provider
Exhibit 10:    Future outlook – glass half full or half empty?
Exhibit 11:    Estimated Revenues for MRO FY07 to FY12
Exhibit 12:    Majority responses from the US and Europe
Exhibit 13:    Markets
Exhibit 14:    Responses by type of agency
Exhibit 15:    Responses by revenue responsibility of the respondent
Exhibit 16:    Responses by revenues of the company
Exhibit 17:    Offshoring – covers two thirds of the ground
Exhibit 18:    Large research agencies at the forefront of offshoring
Exhibit 19:    Just over two  third of full service research agencies currently offshore
Exhibit 20:    Data collection offshored by half of the research agencies
Exhibit 21:    Smaller agencies: a bit of offshoring in everything!
Exhibit 22:    Mid-sized agencies: offshoring at greater scale and scope!
Exhibit 23:    Large agencies: smart offshoring!
Exhibit 24:    Limited spread for offshoring across MR value chain
Exhibit 25:    Offshoring – gradual move higher up the value chain
Exhibit 26:    Large agencies lead in offshoring maturity
Exhibit 27:    Offshoring in MRO still not a volume game
Exhibit 28:    India leads and Eastern Europe lead – Latin America not so far…
Exhibit 29:    Markets and offshoring destinations
Exhibit 30:    Offshoring in MR –  mostly good, but bad at times!
Exhibit 31:    Smaller agencies keen to leverage all possible offshoring benefits!
Exhibit 32:    Quality and confidentiality key concern for smaller research agencies
Exhibit 33:    Cost and turnaround: key drivers for mid sized agencies
Exhibit 34:    Quality and data security key concerns for mid sized agencies
Exhibit 35:    Cost and competence: key drivers for relatively large agencies

Exhibit 36:    Quality and client confidentiality key concerns for relatively large agencies

Exhibit 37:    Cost and quality: non-negotiable for offshoring by large agencies
Exhibit 38:    Quality and client confidentiality key concerns for larger agencies
Exhibit 39:    Offshoring Drivers for US market
Exhibit 40:    Offshoring Drivers for Europe
Exhibit 41:    US constraints
Exhibit 42:    Europe constraints
Exhibit 43:    Offshoring drivers important but not enough to offshore!
Exhibit 44:    Concerns for agencies not offshoring
Exhibit 45:    MRO service provider groups
Exhibit 46:    Smaller agencies comfortable with comparable service providers
Exhibit 47:    Specialized MRO providers most preferred by mid-sized agencies!

Exhibit 48:   Clear preference for captives and Specialized MRO for larger agencies

Exhibit 49:    Large agencies prefer to work with companies of comparable size
Exhibit 50:    US prefers Specialized MRO providers, Europe  full service agencies
Exhibit 51:    Selecting a service provider: US and Europe
Exhibit 52:    Smaller agencies choose provider for Flexibility, peer reference
Exhibit 53:    Peer reference and flexibility important for mid sized agencies
Exhibit 54:    Technology software compatibility critical slightly larger agencies
Exhibit 55:    Most of the factors important for larger research agencies!
Exhibit 56:    Data collection: significant potential with smaller agencies
Exhibit 57:    Data processing: potential in very high outsourcing volumes!
Exhibit 58:    Panel services: investments before returns
Exhibit 59:    Data analysis and report writing gaining traction
Exhibit 60:    Analytics: Onshore offshore model to open potential
Exhibit 61:    Future outlook – glass half full or half empty?
Exhibit 62:    Less experienced companies to ramp up volumes
Exhibit 63:    Experienced agencies to increase data analysis and report writing
Exhibit 64:    Relatively mature: offshoring higher up the value chain
Exhibit 65:    US markets plan greater offshoring ramp up as compared to Europe

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