The magazine segment represents a major chunk of the global print publishing market. Considering that more than 100,000 magazine titles are being published in the US and UK alone, the magazine publishing industry is huge in scale and operations.  Each year the US and UK magazine market sell upwards of 4 billion magazine copies. However, all is not well with the industry.

The magazine market  is dependent on a consumption cycle that is primarily driven by consumer and corporate spending. Current economic conditions have forced magazine publishers to re-define their business models on account of changing preferences in form, increasing costs and decreasing revenues.

This report analyses and evaluates various options that publishers have while undergoing a transition to address the changing business climate.


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Table Of Contents

1.1    Why are magazines facing problems?
1.2    Declining revenues, increasing costs
1.3    What options do magazine publishers have?
1.3.1 Increasing revenues
1.3.2 Decreasing costs
1.4    How will outsourcing affect cost for a magazine publisher?
1.4.1 Typical workflow in the magazine segment
1.4.2 What can be outsourced?
1.4.3 Where will the cost advantage come from?
1.5    When should a publisher outsource?
1.5.1 Sourcing matrix as per magazine type

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Decrease in ad spending across various categories
Exhibit 2: Cost pressures and relative functional cost contribution
Exhibit 3: Transition options across phases for publisher operations
Exhibit 4: Typical workflow of magazine publishers
Exhibit 5: Outsource-ability and offshore-ability across functional heads
Exhibit 6: Per page costs (in-house, outsourced and offshored per page costs)
Exhibit 7: Cost advantage while outsourcing and offshoring
Exhibit 8: To offshore or not? – Buyer sourcing matrix
Exhibit 9: Magazines by circulation size groups

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