The global legal industry, like any other industry, has been significantly impacted by the economic slowdown. The legal industry has gone through budget cuts, layoffs and cost pressures over the period of one year that has resulted in a change in the operating dynamics of the global legal industry.

The impact of recession on the global legal industry has had a spillover effect on the legal process outsourcing (LPO) industry in India. The growth in the Indian legal process outsourcing industry as compared to the past three to four years has slowed down temporarily. Theoffshore legal services industry that was growing at a CAGR of 40+% over the last four years till 2007 dropped to 28% for 2007-08 and further tapered off to 16% for 2008-09. The revenues from the offshore legal services industry were $320 m for 2008 and expected to reach $440 m by 2010.

The report discusses the changing dynamics of the legal services marketplace and impact on the offshore industry. The report also provides an analysis of the Indian vendor landscape and trends and insights in the offshoring industry. The report is designed to help:

  • Law Firms, Corporations, Lawyers, Legal publishers looking to outsource/offshore
  • Outsourcing consultants evaluate and compare the offerings of vendors
  • Offshore Legal service providers to assess their competitive environment
  • Venture capital and private equity firms looking for investment opportunities
  • Researchers looking for detailed information on legal services outsourcing


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Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2 The Changing Legal Marketplace
2.1 The Changing Global Legal Marketplace
2.1.1 Corporates tighten their budgets
2.1.2 Law firms witness a drop in their topline
2.2 Changing relationship between corporates and law firms
2.2.1 Consolidation
2.2.2 Convergence
2.2.3 Alternative billing arrangements
3 Negative Short-term Impact on Offshoring
3.1 Growth rate of the industry dropped drastically
3.1.1 Manpower growth remains flat
3.1.2 Overall billing rates remain flat
3.2 Changing operational dynamics…altering the vendor landscape
3.2.1 Shakeout in the industry
3.2.2 Move towards multiple service capability
3.2.3 Scalability – an increasingly important characteristic
3.2.4 Competition …. offshore and onshore
3.3 Partnerships and M&As to pick up pace
4 Crisis creates new opportunities
4.1 Litigation support and eDiscovery will see rapid growth
4.2 Regulatory changes and compliance will become a compelling driver for offshoring
4.3 Share of corporates to increase
4.4 Significant traction from the UK market
4.5 From projects to recurring business
5 Research Methodology
5.1 Data Collection
5.2 Data Analysis
6 About ValueNotes
6.1 Research Publications
6.2 Recent Custom Projects

Table Of Exhibits
Exhibit 1: Key industries – Growth in profits
Exhibit 2: Fortune 20 – Profitability
Exhibit 3: Law firms – Revenues
Exhibit 4: Layoffs at law firms (over the last one year)
Exhibit 5: Layoffs at law firms (details)
Exhibit 6: M&A activity over the last three years in the US
Exhibit 7: Revenue growth
Exhibit 8: Manpower growth
Exhibit 9: Billing rate trend: 2005 – 2009
Exhibit 10: Offshore legal service providers discontinue operations
Exhibit 11: Comparison of share of services
Exhibit 12: Service focus of vendors
Exhibit 13: Manpower in LPOs
Exhibit 14: Captives of corporations
Exhibit 15: Law firm backed service providers
Exhibit 16: M&A deals
Exhibit 17: Partnerships
Exhibit 18: Total Bankruptcy Filings
Exhibit 19: M&As and partnerships in eDiscovery and litigation support
Exhibit 20: Share by buyer type
Exhibit 21: Share by geography
Exhibit 22: UK law firms and corporates
Exhibit 23: Contracts

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