As the world is coming to terms with the widespread impact of the financial crisis, every company in the industry is playing cautious. Leading publishers of STM and educational content have been performing well at an average growth of 5-6% over the last few years compared to the newspaper publishers that have been grappling with survival issues. 

How will the global publishing industry fare in an economically challenging environment? And how will their difficulties impact offshoring? A recently released research note by ValueNotes, evaluates the impact of current slowdown on various segments in the publishing BPO industry.

The above report is based on extensive secondary research and analysis and interviews with key people at outsourcing companies.


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Table Of Contents

Will the economic downturn impact publishing industry and offshoring?
1.1    Leading Players
1.2    Financial Background
1.3    Impact of economic downturn
1.4    Segment-wise Impact
1.4.1    Educational Publishing
1.4.2    STM Publishing
1.4.3    Other Publishing Segments
Research Methodology
Data Collection
Data Analysis  
About ValueNotes
Research Publications
Recent Custom Projects


Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Revenue and market capitalization of leading publishers
Exhibit 2: Five year revenues and operating profit of leading publishers
Exhibit 3: Trends in profit margins of leading publishers
Exhibit 4: Segment wise impact and opportunities

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