July 2011: The Indian growth story is well known to all, yet economic growth in India has not been uniform. Growth has been primarily driven by the services sector leaving glaring gaps for investment in the areas of infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing. Meanwhile with the global recession, growth in developing economies has slowed down considerably and countries like Australia are looking for newer avenues of investment. India’s stable political government, rapidly growing middle class and high domestic savings rate make it a good investment bet for Australia. India and Australia have enjoyed a healthy trade relationship with bilateral trade between the two countries increasing from less than USD 3bn in 2002-03 to around USD 20bn in 2009-10.


While numerous opportunities for investment exist in India for Australian companies, navigating through the large and diverse Indian market is not an easy task. Typical challenges for companies include inadequate infrastructure, inefficient bureaucracy, corruption, limited market information and the presence of a large, unorganized market. In such a scenario, having the right market information is the key to unlocking the big, fat Indian market.


This white paper discusses in detail:


  • The India-Australia story so far
  • Current investment opportunities in India for Australian companies
  • Challenges of doing business in India
  • The key to a successful investment in India


To download a complimentary copy of this white paper, please follow this link

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